It’s certainly a matter of opinion if taking photos with your iPhone at a concert spoils the fun. Knowing our obsession with our phones, it’s common to see people at a concert watching the entire thing through their phone screen, holding the device up which definitely blocks the view of those behind them. Apple has taken that into consideration and are looking to resolve the issue.

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The patent regarding this matter was first launched back in 2011 and has been granted now after five years. The patent describes the camera detecting an infrared signal and interpreting the data. It would block iPhones from taking pictures or video during a concert. Concert venues would be able to turn on a specific signal that would interrupt and block iPhone cameras from being able to record any concert footage. This mechanism could also be used to disable both still photography and video recording.



iPhone users located in areas with this restricting signal would have no choice but to put their phones away. Each attempt to take a photo or video would be met with a notification explaining that this feature is temporarily disabled.

Another use for this technology is a little more educational. The same way venues can use signals to disable iPhone cameras when pointed at a stage, these infrared signals can also be used to display useful information on phone screens when pointed at something specific in a room (or in a museum).


No word on when this technology will be introduced to the masses, but it will surely be a big update.