The really awkward-yet-fascinating Future and Desiigner saga took another interesting turn this weekend, when the latter dropped his debut mixtape, New English, which was chock full of Desiigner‘s particular brand of Future-esque hard-hitting rap songs. The comparisons flared up again, comparisons helped along by the fact that just days earlier, Future teamed up with DJ Esco for a new mixtape, Project E.T.

Today, we’ve been gifted another twisty turn, as Future, Atlanta’s “reigning Hip Hop king,” is the newest Rolling Stone cover star.

In the full story, which you can read here, Future is asked about Desiigner, naturally, and he responds with as Future an answer as you could imagine.

I never worried about anyone else… I don’t even want his name in the article.

Fair point. Future also discusses Ciara at length, revealing that she fell out of favor in his circle, and it was ultimately fundamental differences that led to their eventual separation. He also confirmed that his therapy during the darker times of their disputes was to record, which makes sense considering how frequently he released projects in the aftermath of their break-up.