The relationship between Iggy Azalea and Nick Young was on the rocks when Young’s teammate D’Angelo Russell taped a private conversation between the pair that eventually made its way to the public. In said tape, Young speaks openly about being unfaithful to Azalea. The news caused a huge firestorm on all newswires, music, sports and mainstream. Just last week, Iggy took to her Instagram account and told the world that she has officially split with Young due to her inability to trust him. Many assumed that the leaked video was to blame but apparently that is not the case.

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Life & Style recently revealed that the real reason why the engaged couple parted ways was because Young got his ex-girlfriend Keonna Green pregnant. The Los Angeles Lakers star already has a 4-year-old son with Green, Nick Jr. and Azalea was previously okay with him remaining friends with the mother of his child. According to the report, Iggy had already blown off the taped video hitting the public and was set on tying the knot with Young, but the revelation that he has another child on the way was the final straw.

To make matters worse, Young reportedly told her about his future child when Green was already 4 months pregnant. According to a source, he told her that “he was drunk and had a lapse in judgement.” He followed that up by pleading with her that it was one-night stand and won’t ever happen again. When Life & Style approached the very pregnant Keonna Green last week and asked if her pregnancy to Young was an accident, she replied with “yes,” immediately followed by “no comment.”