As you may remember us reporting just a week ago [Monday, July 9], Saturday Night Live actress Leslie Jones was in the midst of a fashion crisis. Faced without a dress to don to her upcoming premiere for Ghostbusters, Jones took to Twitter to blast designers for not wanting to dress her. The tweet served as more than just a chance to publicly rant, but a call to designers everywhere and they responded.

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leslie jones, ghostbusters

American designer and Project Runway winner Christian Siriano answered the call. Joining forces with Jones to design a dress just right for the premiere, the two linked up at Siriano’s design studio to collaborate on how to drape the six-foot goddess. In an Instagram photo later posted by Jones taken while working with Siriano, the actress gushed, “Making magic with my baby.”


Getting the final laugh, Jones showed up at the Ghostbusters premiere Saturday, July 9 and stunned in a red, custom-made gown. Shutting down fashion stereotypes while simultaneously shutting down red carpets, Jones and Siriano’s collaboration worked as a step forward towards opening up the avenue for designers to accommodate to more sizes. As Siriano, who recently designed a line for the plus-size clothing chain Lane, previously stated in a tweet, ““It shouldn’t be exceptional to work with brilliant people just because they’re not sample size. Congrats aren’t in order, a change is.”

Ghostbusters premieres in theaters Friday, July 15.