It’s summertime and we want to feel good. That’s a given. The sun’s out, spirits are high and, for the most part, we’re feeling ourselves. Which is why emerging Atlanta-bred songstress Desjo has made her arrival right on time.

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Showing up guns blazing with the single “Surrender” off her debut I Don’t Mind EP, the budding artist has reacquainted us with that one part of ourselves that never fails to reminds us that we’re not one to play with.

A simple message backed by dominating production clearly influenced by a tinge of the recent trend of dancehall here in the states, “Surrender” is Desjo’s letter of intent and it’s a pretty catchy one, too.


While she’s not of many words, she allows her music to make its own statement. Still growing and eagerly learning the ropes along the way, we’re ready to see what’s next for this promising new voice.

 When did you start with music in general and realize that singing was what you wanted to pursue?

I started singing while in high school. I did a lot of musicals and that’s when I really found my passion for music.

How do you describe your sound to people who haven’t heard it before?

It’s soulful; passionate. Something like R&B’s lovable stepchild. It doesn’t exactly fit the mold, but it’s definitely an important member of the family. I’m big on execution. My sound is full of harmonies and memorable lyrics.

Who are your influences and in what ways have you tried to apply their influence to your own sound?

Beyoncé hands down is my number one influence. Then follows Brandy and Erykah Badu. I try to be powerful like ‘Yonce, my tone and technique like Brandy, and my originality like Miss Erykah.

Talk about your EP. What was the creative process like in preparing it?

It’s very dear to me because of the people around me who made this all happen. We all worked really hard but at the same time we just did what we usually do: make magic.

How have you evolved since first starting out to getting to this point?

When I first started doing music I wasn’t too sure about it, nor was I as confident as I am now. I’ve grown so much in the past two years and I honestly feel like my EP really showcased my growth compared to my other singles that were released before.

What’s the ultimate goal you have when it comes to your music?

I always want to spread love and honesty through my music. The satisfaction of lighting someone’s world up if they’re in a dark place is priceless.