Today [Friday, August 5] is apparently the day Frank Ocean will drop his second studio album, Boys Don’t Cry, but we have yet to receive any music from the New Orleans singer. In fact it’s been four years since Ocean dropped his debut album, Channel Orange, so the anticipation for new music is extremely high.

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It seems like Snapchat is just as excited for new music from Frank Ocean, and they understand the pain his fans are going through. They have released two new Snapchat filters that poke some fun at the long waiting time for the new album.


In theory, the likelihood that his album drops today is pretty high. The New York Times confirmed earlier this week that Boys Don’t Cry would debut on Apple Music, but we haven’t gotten any more information since then.

It today’s music world, anything is possible, with new albums appearing out of thin air more and more, so keep it locked here with The Source for further updates on the album (or the music itself!).

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