Watch A Boogie’s New Video, “Friend Zone,” Here

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If you’re not familiar with A Boogie, you should be. The Bronx rapper struck viral gold with his incredibly catchy, sing-songy “My Sh*t” earlier this year and garnered national attention with its happy-go-lucky, party-vibed music video. Since then, NYC has been buzzing with Boogie’s infectious tunes, and when Drake spent the better part of a week performing in New York City on his and Future‘s Summer Sixteen Tour this month, A Boogie was one of the surprise guests, personally introduced to the Madison Square Garden crowd by Drizzy.

Fresh off the biggest look of his still-young career, Boogie’s liberated a brand new music video for another one of his viral Soundcloud hits, “Friend Zone,” which you can watch above. The song’s racked up 3.5 million plays on his page thus far, and the video could elevate it to the “My Sh*t” level.