The good people at Netflix are being very humble in regards to their success. The digital streaming service that is making DVDs and movie theaters a little less attractive is racking in millions of viewers annually, for only two shows alone.

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Stranger Things and The Get Down are two of the most popular shows this year and are breaking major records. With Narcos, House of Cards and Orange Is The New Black  under their belt already, it’s insane to imagine that their programming could get any better. Yet it is.

According to Netflix, The Get Down has been the most talked about show in the past week, ranking number 3 in American programming after The Olympics and Stranger Things. The 1980’s hip-hop show that is attracting the kids, aunties, uncles, and young adults shows a coming of age story about life in the ghetto with music as an outlet while it was a brand new form of expression.


With an alleged budget of $10 million per episode, it’s no surprise that the creators of the show delivered back to back.

Stranger Things is in a league of it’s own. The thriller brought in 8.2 million viewers in the first 16 days of it’s release. The show also takes place in the 80’s and has had addicting cliffhangers prompting unapologetic binge-watching amongst the masses.

While both shows give any other form of entertainment a run for it’s money, Netflix is also rolling out season 2 of Narcos in early September.

The service that also delivers DVDs (who knew) right to your crib, is becoming a movie monopoly right before our eyes. However, no one is complaining as Netflix is giving us a reason to stay in the comfort of our own homes for top of the line entertainment.

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