Usain Bolt just keeps on running and keeps on collecting the gold. Yesterday [Thursday, August 19], Bolt took home the gold medal in the 200 meter race for the 3rd consecutive Olympics. Earlier in the week, he won the 100 meter race for the 3rd consecutive time, to remain the fastest man in the world.

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Bolt has now won 8 gold medals in his career, and he’s looking to add one more in the 4×100 relay later today. According to ESPN, Bolt finished the 200m in 19.78 seconds, .59 of a second slower than his world record he set back in 2009 at the World Championships.


Canada’s Andre de Grasse came in second for the silver, finishing in 20.02 seconds, and Christophe Lemaitre of France narrowly beat out Adam Gemili of Britain for the bronze, finishing in 20.12 seconds. If winning wasn’t enough for Bolt, he told the NBC sideline reporter after the race, “I’m always happy for the win, but I wanted a faster time.”

If Bolt wasn’t already the greatest of all time, this race definitely sealed his place amongst the best Olympians, not to mention athletes, of all time. Sadly though, Bolt will most likely call it a career after these Olympics. Not only will he be going out on top, but it’s unlikely he could continue his dominance in the sport, seeing as he turns 30 very soon. But hey, if Michael Phelps can do it, then you never know, we may see Mr. Bolt again.