Meek Mill was joined by fellow Philly native Kevin Hart on Sunday [September 4] for a hilarious rap battle.

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During his performance at Drai’s nightclub in Vegas the rapper invited the comedian on stage for an impromptu rap battle. Meek started the battle rapping: “Popping up on my stage I’m like, ‘What is the odds?’ He must be on molly or something, look at his eyes.”

Hart quickly transformed into his rap alter ego Chocolate Droppa.


“Meek Mill came to rap, I said don’t do none of that/I looked at my [explicit] jeans, I said we been done with that,” Hart rapped. “Stop fu*@&ing wearing pants that show your shape ain’t s*@t/I look at you, I look at Nicki, I say girl you too legit to quit/You don’t these bars because I’m a real [explicit] with it/Meek Mill’s stomach looks like he just don’t quit it.”

The comedian took a couple more jabs at Meek but he made sure the crowd knew it was all love.

“Let me tell ya’ll something before I say anything else: I stand by my guy, when I say that I mean I stand by my guy’s talent. I separate the bullshit from the talent,” Hart told the crowd. If y’all don’t respect nothing else, respect my [explicit] talent. Meek Mill is official and has the talent. He gets it done. I’m a fan forever. I’m a Philadelphia guy forever…. I’m going to ride with Meek forever.”


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