If you have been living under a rock, you probably don’t know that Solange’s latest album A Seat At The Table went number 1 and her single “Cranes in the Sky” is perhaps the most sonically beautiful track that 2016 has delivered. Now… as if Cranes couldn’t get any better, KAYTRANADA dropped his unofficial remix on Wednesday [October 12] .

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First, a snippet of the remix was teased at New York’s Terminal 5, then KAY wrote on his SoundCloud “I couldn’t help it and I can’t deny how good it sounds. This is just an edit to play on my DJ sets, I played it once and everybody wanted it right away.”


The producer then added, “honestly, I was gonna wait to see if Solange or her team or whoever works for her would’ve ask me to do an official remix. So if they still want to, I could make it sound better than that version but ohhhhh, what the hell….anyways I highly recommend that new Solange album A Seat At The Table.”

Solo caught wind of the remix and mad love was shared between the two in the tweets below

Let’s hope the friendly exchange means that an official remix is somewhere in all of our futures because honestly, how could he make this sound any better? We need to know.