Obi J, born Lajuan Stephens, discovered that music was his destiny in high school when he banded together with friends to create a group called P.H.B (Presidential Hood Boyz). The group quickly saw success, garnering attention from music powerhouse TVT Records, which ended as quickly as it began when the company filed for bankruptcy in 2008. Obi later started a label named GeekOut Entertainment (the name a testament of love for all things Star Wars, hence the name “Obi”) in 2016. Since starting the label Obi has been offered numerous of publishing deals and radio promotion with some of the biggest labels and names and plans on moving from the Indy market to the big stage by the beginning of 2017. Obi’s efforts are not for naught: The young artist is seeing a burst of recognition on digital platforms, reaping in over 7 million digital plays in two weeks.

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GeekOut Entertainment’s debut project comes from the label’s CEO and head artist himself, an album entitled Red City. The album’s title pays homage to Obi’s home state, as a way for the artist to bring attention to his beloved hometown. “Oklahoma is known for its red dirt, and I wanted people to start seeing that we have our own style.” His hit single, “Xanxiety,” (Produced by Dre Beatz) has seen a remarkable response, reaching the top of the charts in the Indy market. In the coming weeks, Obi’s next single, “Dem Drugs” will continue Obi’s momentum. Ultimately, the artist is determined to put Oklahoma on the map. Says Obi, “Oklahoma is a bubble and it’s ready to pop. It’s going to take that one person to do it, and I think I’m that guy.”