Will Smith was the coolest kid in the world in the 90s. He rapped hits, appeared in movies and had the coolest show on television.

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He was was from West Philadelphia, born and raised and on the playground where he spent most of his days….

Moving to Bel Air, California, Smith was the star of the hit NBC television show, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and he was the king of his castle. He also had the coolest cameo appearance with folks like Donald Trump, Evander Holyfield, Heavy D, Tevin Campbell, Riddick Bowe, Ken Griffey Jr and Kareem Abdul Jabbar and more dropping by.


One of the coolest episodes and cameos happened when Smith took on NBA champion, Isiah Thomas in a game of one on one. He even beat the for Detroit Pistons guard and NBA champion. “That was great,”  on last week’s episode of Scoop B Radio. Check it out by clicking here.

In the particular episode, Smith was a star on the Bel Air Academy basketball team. Balancing school work, working a part time job, basketball practice and chores made him a bit tired. He had to get his sleep somewhere! He fell asleep in class. While in his dreams, he went toe to toe with Thomas in a sneaker commercial.

“Not only was it great, what was real cool, Will, at the time, was a basketball fan,” Thomas told Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson. “So he could play a little bit. So, being on the Fresh Prince and then hanging with Will, that was awesome. I mean it was…I guess he was in the dream, and I was in too.”