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Hau lives and breathes Hip Hop throughout Australia, with his ongoing legacy and passion to today fuelling the next generation of hip hop lovers in Australia while giving shine to the originators. With 20 years of writing and performing under his belt (best known as the front man for ARIA award-winning duo, Koolism), Hau has ventured into solo territory with the release of his mixtape, “Football, Feasts & Funerals” and his debut album “The No End Theory”.

Koolism consists of DJ/Producer Danielsan and emcee Hau who met in 1992 through a mutual friend. They developed their own relationship through the love of hip hop and a passion to create their own music that was based on originality and fun. They released their first tape the year after titled, ‘These Front Door Keys’, under the name of ‘Tribe Ledda L’. That crew originally consisted of Danielsan (DJ Rampage/ Son of El), Hau (Fattie Boomsticks) and Hau’s cousin, Sione (JJ Tix).

A few years passed and Danielsan and Hau stuck together to form Koolism. Their first release as a duo came in the form of another tape titled, ‘Bedroom S*it’. Which pretty much was just that. A make-shift studio set up in a room where they would record the vocals, beats and cuts live all at the same time straight to tape with no room for mistakes. Koolism went on to put out a series of more polished vinyl only releases in ‘Lift Ya Game’, ‘Blue Notes’ and ‘The Season’.


In 2002, Koolism released their debut album, ‘Part One’. It was well-received and pretty much stamped their authority on the game. They followed that up with an EP titled, ‘Diverse’, then dropped, ‘Part 3: Random Thoughts’ in 2004 which they earned a prestigious national ARIA award for and would form the basis of their continuing legacy. Two years later saw the release of ‘New Old Ground’ before the release of their most recent album to date in 2010’s ‘The ‘Umu’ (a Tongan word for an underground oven).

Since their last release, Danielsan has kept busy on the technical side of the game whilst Hau has collaborated with artists including Hilltop Hoods, Briggs, Jase, Urthboy of The Herd, Calski, A.B. Originals, Resin Dogs, Hyjak plus more. Hau has more recently released a mixtape, EP’s as well as his excellent and long awaited debut album ‘The No End Theory’ (featuring Oddisee, P-Money, Che Fu) on the newly formed House of Beige record label (home to the likes of Remi and N’fa Jones of 1200 Techniques).

Hau also currently hosts the Australian nationally broadcasted radio show ‘Triple J Hip Hop Show’ since early 2008, when he took over the show’s reigns from Maya Jupiter. It’s the number 1 speciality Hip Hop show in the country and broadcasted nationally. Hau himself continues to release new music, DJ and perform along with his hosting duties, making him one of Australia’s most lasting and important players in the hip hop game in Australia to date.