Following Pepsi’s recent blunder with their controversial protest ad featuring Kendall Jenner, it’d be safe to assume that brands would be on the side of treading lightly on contentoius topics of discussion.

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However, it looks Heineken has no plans of doing anything of the sorts after unveiling their most recent ad.

Titled “Worlds Apart”, the beer company’s latest PR comes in the form of what many on the internet are now dubbing the “anti-Pepsi” ad.


The nearly 5-minute spot displays three very unlikely pairs meeting each other for the first time, tasked with building a bar through a supplied set of instructions.

A climate activist is paired with a climate change-denier. A transgender woman is paired with a man who sees being transgender as unnatural, and a full-fledged feminist is paired with a man who describes the movement as “man-hating”.

For most of the video, the fact that they are working with someone whose views completely oppose their own remains hidden.

Once they are done, they are presented with beers to drink. Before drinking, however, they are asked to stand and watch a short film, featuring clips of each individual revealing their own personal set of beliefs.

“So transgender, it is very odd. We’re not set up to understand or see things like that,” says one man.

“I am, a daughter, a wife. I am transgender,” says his partner in the next clip.

At the end of the film, they are given the choice to leave or sit down and discuss their differences over a beer.


In a beautiful and what Heineken says is an unscripted moment, the pairs all choose to stay.

“If you wanted to convince people about your point, the productive thing to do would be to sit down, have a beer,” says the defender of climate change to his partner.

The clip has now been viewed over 1.5 million times. Take a look at it below.