Mary J Blige took the stage at the Essence Festival this weekend in New Orleans and she kept it real.

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After filing for divorce the R&B icon was ordered to pay $30k a month to her ex as temporary spousal support. MJB has been vocal about the process and took a shot at him during her performance in NOLA: “How is it that somebody gets to cheat and destroy everybody’s life but I’ve got to pay for it? That ain’t fair!”

But she didn’t stop there. The “Love Yourself” singer addressed the audience and let them know what she will not tolerate from a man in a relationship.


For me ladies, I’m a little crazy, maybe a lot, but I’m more selfish with my relationships. And what I will not appreciate is my man coming home comparing me to Suzy on the job … Don’t ever compare me to nobody because there’s only one Mary J. Blige out there.

She even gave the fellas relationship advice, “You can’t have two queens.”

The epitome of #EssenceFest. ❤️ #MaryJBlige forever-ever. #UnapologeticallyBeautifulInNOLA #MADHappy

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