Known for the hits Big Flipz and Lifes Good, DC native CashMikee is a star in the making. His sound blends trap music mixed with his own unique style and is sure to catch your ear.

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Ever since he was a young boy CashMikee has been an entertainer. From entertaining friends and family members, to making music in the basement and rapping with kids in the neighborhood, he has always had a presence that keeps people intrigued. CashMikee knew he wanted to make music full-time once he gained the respect and support from all of his family and friends from the neighborhood.

“The love and support I get from everybody from my music mixed with my passion and grind is what motivates me to keep pushing, elevating and keeping pressure at all times.”


With his music partner, OC, CashMikee plans to take the music industry by storm with a sound unlike any other. His next music project “Hunnit Nustlez” will be released in December of this year. Until then, check out his latest video below!

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Q: What inspires your music?

A: “What inspires my music is my life experiences and everything i been through. Also my feelings, i might make a song based on my mood at the moment. I feel like you always will have new material to work with when it comes to making music because you experience something new everyday. Really its all about putting your thoughts, feelings, and life experiences all together onto a piece a paper or on a song for that matter and making that SHIT! Sound sweet. So if you ask what inspire my music its EVERYDAY LIFE! The struggle, the grind, the b*tches, the money, the streets, etc.”

Q: What artists have inspire you during your journey?

“I don’t really have any artist that inspire me. There are artist who’s grind I definitely respect though. In terms of inspiring though theres no one in the music industry.
The people who inspire me are the people who are encouraging me to keep pushing and keep grinding and the people who i seen with my own eyes struggle, grind, and face problems head on. Such as my mother who is the main person who inspires me because everything she been through and problems she faced. i know that you can never give up and always go for what you want! Don’t let anyone tell you that you cant do what you want to do and be who you want to be. My OG always told me back in the day ” don’t be mad if you hear niggas hating on you! Be happy because if you got niggas hating you must be doing something right! People will hate regardless!”

Q: What message do you hope your fans and public perceive from your music?

“I dont have a real message i want people to perceive from my music i just want people to know when they hear my music that its REAL! And its music that you can listen to in any mood no matter what your feeling that day because 9 times out of 10 i will have a song for it.”

Q: What are your goals for the summer and near future?

“My goals for the summer and near future is to be heard more and more. To build my fan base and let people hear my story. Because i feel like alot of people can relate to my story and use my story as inspiration. Its plenty goals i give myself everyday to keep me inspired and on my grind. And the main goal i give myself is a goal that cant be completed in my opinion which is “be better then yesterday!”. I say it cant be completed because theres always room for improvement in your craft or whatever you want to do in life. You can always get better. So just stay down until you come up! And keep working!”

Q: What are some of your dream collaborations or acts you would like to work with?

“Well i grew up listing to rappers like T.I., Jeezy, Boosie, Gucci, and Rocko, but to be honest I’m not really worried about or even thinking about working or collaborating with other rappers right now. I rather work with a beat maker or producer. Im more focused on me and my music right now I’m not worried about working with others i feel like thats the problem today. People always relying on rappers who already made it to make they song hot. Wasting they money on features which its nothing wrong with that forreal but i rather bet on myself and believe in my music! I dont need a soul to make my song hot! My shit will crank regardless. Thats how i feel and i feel more rappers should do that. In terms of collaborating in the future with other rappers i have no problem with and would love to work with rappers i grew up listing to and respected just not in the present because i rather make it off my music alone.”