Ooozie, aka Chemical Ali, is a conscious militant hip hop artist from Plainfield, New Jersey. He is also incorporated with the group, Hi-Definition, which features another member, Asap Ave. Ooozie is on the verge of releasing his Mixtape and album called, ‘New Jeruzalem’. The ‘Mixtape New Jeruzalem,’ will be released early November on the Mixtape platforms. His album. ‘New Jeruzalem,’ will be released on Thanksgiving on itunes, spotify, tidal, etc… He is a lyricist with styles that embody a resemblance to Prodigy and Styles P, check his video and feature interview below!

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Q: Describe your sound and overall sound?


“I feel like I’m a young Malcolm X, I kinda play with my words, I’m a bit witty.”

Q: What have you been up to this past summer with your music?

Right now I’m developing 2 projects, I got a project called New Jerusalem mixtape, then I got an album called New Jerusalem.”

Q: What prominent or upcoming artists would you say inspire you?

Um upcoming foreal foreal – nobody I don’t really listen to the new guys. But my favorite rappers are Prodigy, Styles P, Nas, and I grew up off Public Enemy and that Queens Bridge Sound.”