Levi’s and Google have linked up to create an apparel item straight out of a science fiction movie. A denim jacket that has the ability to make calls and send text messages is soon to be a reality.

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Google last year created an initiative titled Project Jacquard, a program dedicated to developing smart textiles in collaboration with Levi’s. Project Jacquard’s primary product is set to drop this week.

The Commuter Trucker Jacket is a hodgepodge of technology and Levi’s renowned apparel construction. Composed of smart microfibres, the jacket comes equipped with a removable snap tag which will allow the wear to interact with their smartphone. Using LEDs, haptic feedback and gestures the wearer of the denim piece will be able to work on their smartphone without removing it from their pocket.


“With Jacquard technology, you can perform common digital tasks — like starting or stopping music, getting directions, or reading incoming text messages — by simply swiping or tapping the jacket sleeve,” Google explained in a statement.

On a full charge, the snap tag will run for wo weeks straight. Washing the jacket can be done as long as the tag is removed.

Debuting at three separate locations (Kinfolk in Brooklyn, NY, Fred Segal in West Hollywood, CA and Concepts in Boston, MA), the jacket priced at $350 drops tomorrow. On October 10, the Commuter Turcker Jacket will be made available on Levi’s website as well as at flagship locations Chicago, New York, Santa Monica and San Francisco.