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Words by Megan Ambers

Many people, celebrities and fans applauded Eminem for his Cypher on the BET Hip-Hop Awards last Sunday. All except for a few, one of them being rapper Vince Staples. Saturday (October 14) during his talk for Pitchfork’s In Sight Out series at the Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art, Staples shared his opinion on the freestyle. “It was trash. He can do better.”

The Long Beach Rapper went on to say that if he had rap the same lines as Eminem had, it wouldn’t be taken seriously. However, Staples did enjoy one specific thing about the video:


My favorite thing about the Eminem freestyle is the wall of dark-skinned black people behind him. That was great.

Eventually, Staples’ comments about the cypher went viral on twitter, causing a huge debate among Hip-Hop enthusiasts. One twitter user agreed with Staples’ statement. “Eminem’s freestyle was trash anyone who thinks otherwise has never listened to hip hop.” While the other sphere of twitter adamantly disagreed. “Eminem will rap circles around you Vince lmao Chill out fam… You not even the nicest in ya freshman class… don’t step outta line.”

However, Staples went on twitter and denied dissing Eminem, he also accused Pitchfork for concocting a story for clickbait views. Staples stated that he does not have any problems with Em and that he was only joking. “The mnm statement was all in good fun I like him & Kim. @Pitchfork took it out of context because they thirsty. Lemme get these jokes off,” the rapper tweeted. “How we gonna clown [Xxxtentacion] for rapping like a sorcerer on XXL but let [Em] go full assassins creed & then deny me the right to my jokes.” Staples went on tweet that him not being allow to tell his jokes is “white supremacy” and also stated that “if Eminem was black he would be Redman.” Staples spent the majority of his Saturday responding to fans on twitter. Vince Staples released his second studio album Big Fish Theory this summer.