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In a comeback win over the Washington Wizards Friday night, the Warriors’ Draymond Green and Wizards’ Bradley Beal got into a scuffle that lead to both players being ejected before the end of the first half. Prior to the incident, the reigning defensive player of the year blocked Beal’s shot. Following the block, the two players fought for position to get the rebound and Beal ignited with the first blow. With hands on one  another’s jerseys in a wrap up, both players then backpaddled behind the basket, resulting in a tumble to the ground. Security, coaches and players all hurried over to the incident.


An enraged Green was asked by reporters, about the incident after the game.

“I don’t know what I’m supposed to do if someone hits you twice,” stated the Warriors power forward. Man, you’re taught as a kid not to allow that. What was I supposed to do?”

To his defensive, Bradley Beal threw the first two blows. Green only responded by wrapping Beal to prevent another possible hit. The Warriors defensive leader, did earn one technical foul earlier in the game, which indeed the referees noted.

According to the two-time all-star, there is no malicious history between he and Wizard’s, Bradley Beal.

“There’s a history with me and the NBA,” exclaimed Green. “That’s the only reason I can think of why I was ejected.”

Green is renowned for garnering technical fouls in the league. He was tied for the third most techs among players during the Warriors championship run last season. Like he stated, it is awfully difficult to turn the other cheek after getting hit in the face; not once, but twice.

As for Beal, he understands he cannot put himself in that position as one of the leaders and key players for the Wizards.

“At the end of the day, it was a little chippy, but that’s basketball,” said the 24-year-old guard.

The NBA will carefully follow up with this matter to see if any further actions will be taken.

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