The Houston Texans, the same team which had to be persuaded to stay at practice on Friday after hearing that Owner Bob McNair had used the expression “inmates running the prison,” at a recent NFL meeting in New York, will reportedly conduct a large team demonstration against the owner on Sunday in Seattle.

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At a meeting between the owners and players in New York on October 17th, Texans Owner Bob McNair misspoke the old saying that, “You can’t have the inmates running the asylum.” Instead, McNair said that you, “can’t have the inmates running the prison.”

This offended NFL Executive Vice President of Football Operations Troy Vincent, who is Black. According to reports, “Vincent reportedly told McNair that he had been called all sorts of terrible slurs during his NFL career, including the N-word, but never felt like an “inmate.”


Once news of McNair’s comments were made public on Friday, several Texans attempted to leave practice in protest. Ultimately, only two players, DeAndre Hopkins and D’Onta Foreman, actually left, however, it appears that the Texans players are not done protesting.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter,

Schefter also reported, that McNair has apologized for the comment twice since the story broke. McNair said, “I am truly sorry to the players for how this has impacted them and the perception that it has created of me, which could not be further from the truth.”

The Texans play the Seahawks in Seattle on Sunday.