Rihanna must be dining on a steady diet of rice and cabbage. We know she occasionally snacks on popcorn while sitting court side at NBA games. Or maybe she enjoys a few Snickers she’s not feeling like herself.

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Puma’s Fenty boss has a fancy for an assortment of flavors. She once stopped her car in the middle of the road to enjoy a fresh stalk of corn. Selling platinum records and climbing to the top of the charts requires proper nourishment.

When we first met Riri in 2009, she was a slim and slender island girl whose Bajan musical flavor pleased fans. Closing in on decade on the world stage, life hasn’t always been sugary sweet. Some days she had to prove she could make a good batch of lemonade with life’s lemons. We have seen her weight fluctuate but regardless, we love all shapes and sizes of Rihanna. In addition to her effortless sense of style.


The Source Magazine embraces women from all walks of life. We encourage all the ladies to love themselves and be content with themselves in their natural state. Rihanna is unbothered by the haters and body shammers. We appreciate her uncategorized diet, for it has contributed to thicker hips and thighs. Riri is never scared to flash a little cheek when she wears a bikini.

Looking thicker than a hearty bowl of breakfast oatmeal or thicker than three king-sized Snickers at snack time. Rihanna ain’t missing no meals and we encourage her to eat whatever her heart desires on Thanksgiving. Whether you love her or feel indifferent, you can’t deny that she is comfortable with her body. Her name is associated with the biggest headlines in music, fashion, and now cosmetics. When you can sit comfortably at a table reserved for one, in two of the world’s most most critical industries.

Check out the pictures of the Bajan princess below with a little bit more to love:

Hi Rihanna: We Love All Sizes of You

Hi Rihanna: We Love All Sizes of You

Hi Rihanna: We Love All Sizes of You

Hi #Rihanna

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