After officially confirming the release of a new album back in October, Jaden Smith made true on his promise and released SYRE this past Friday, November 17th. The making of SYRE began a little over three years ago coming to completion as a 17-track album featuring A$AP Rocky, Atlanta artist, Raury, Princess Pia Mia, and Jaden’s little sister, Willow Smith.

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Upon the release of his new album, Jaden Smith also released his new self directed music video, “ICON”. With over a million views in less than two days, “ICON” shows Jaden Smith styling with a gold grill and dance moves that channel his inner Michael Jackson as the sun sets on one of California’s monumental hills.

Previously describes as a twisted love story, Jaden Smith raps about an array of topics on this new album from Kendrick Lamar to Harry Potter, Martin Luther King, and even the Illuminati. He took to Twitter to state:


Six of the 18 songs on SYRE were produced by Norwegian artist and producer, Lido. SYRE is quickly inching towards number one on Apple Music’s Top Albums Chart after only 48 hours past it’s release. We’re looking forward to witnessing Jaden Smith shift the dynamic of music with such effortless influence.

You can stream the SYRE album here. You can watch “ICON” above.