Ma$e may have turned to the cloth, but over Thanksgiving weekend he returned to Murda Ma$e for a moment as he unleashed a diss record on fellow Harlemite Cam’ron.

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During an interview with HOT 97’s Ebro in the Morning, Ma$e claims that the diss record, “The Oracle”, didn’t come out of nowhere but instead came from his feeling of being shaded by Cam for the last 20-years.

“I only have two cheeks to turn,” Ma$e said. “This n*gga kept coming at me, despite me not responded or even getting wild with him. He’s like the little brother that keeps hitting you and you can take his shots but as soon as you hit him he crying to mama but you have to let him know like yo, ‘stop hitting me.'”


Although Ma$e didn’t talk specifically about what set him off, he did admit that the line stating that Cam would cause him bodily harm is what unleashed the diss track before confidently dubbing himself as the winner of the short-lived beef after Cam dropped the subpar response “Dinner Time.”

“You guys know I killed him with that song, but the way these DJs act like Funkflex they want to act like I didn’t body him when everyone knows I did.”

Cam seemed to imply that the beef was squashed after posting screenshots of the two conversing on Instagram, but Ma$e shattered that notion stating that he was simply “shaking his hand” after winning the competition.

“It’s just like Drake said, ‘Free Meek Mill,’ you think he means that?”

Check out the interview below.