Meek Mill’s attorney is doing everything in their legal power to free him. They’ve recently filed a petition for an Original Writ of Habeas Corpus at the Superior Court of Pennsylvania. In English: Meek can be freed on bail if this is approved.

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Under the section “Grounds for Immediate Release on Bail,” the petition reads:

Williams is an excellent candidate for bail pending decision on his post-sentence motion and, if necessary, pending appeal. He has no remedy to enforce this right effectively except to petition this Court for the extraordinary relief of an emergency writ. Since being convicted in one case as a teenager more than a decade ago, he has suffered no new convictions, and has not engaged in other criminal activity. He does not present any danger to the community. He has matured, become a responsible father, acquired a profession in which he has excelled, conquered a drug habit, and generally been rehabilitated.

Meek was sentence to 2-4 years for parole violation stemming from a 2008 conviction for a gun and drug charge. Many celebrities have rallied in support for the Philly rapper like, JAY-Z, Rick Ross, PNB Rock and more.