Amid Daniel Caesar‘s huge and much deserved feat of a nomination for not one, but two Grammys — one for Best R&B Album and another for Best R&B Performance; we’ve now been gifted with a visual to his album’s title track, Freudian.

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Directed by Keavan Yazdani and Sean Brown, the visual exudes both minimalism and substance as it perfectly depicts the song’s message and feel. Like the music itself, Caesar’s visual immediately catches your attention as its opening scene displays only the singer’s eyes – just before the beat drops and the video cuts to the next scene, for a dramatic affect.

Then, with Caesar shown by himself on the left side of a split screen while he and two women – one on each side of him – are shown on the right in a close-up shot; he’s singing the infamous lyrics that are the beginning of the song. Just as he arrives at “Babe I know I f*cked up/Focused on them B cups/Cause you got your friends too” the visual slowly transitions from a close-up of only two women beside him, to a room full.


Your attention is then shifted to a high-angled shot of what you’ll eventually see in a close-up to be women running down a deserted street alongside the singer who appears to be keeping them on track; when suddenly, the run is over and everyone comes to a complete stop. One of the female runners takes on Caesar’s role and addresses the singer who is standing up straight with his hands behind his back as she recites his lyrics to him.

Know I’d take a bullet for you/No you don’t know what I go through/And I know you think you’re kinda nice/Do you remember when I saved your life/Don’t come at me on some weak sh*t/It’s time you stopped displaying weakness, oh, oh” she proclaimed to him.

As the end of the song plays out, the singer and group of women stand in unison in a wide-shot as the backdrop to credits scrolling up the screen. We just want to thank YOU, Caesar – for delivering quality music and visuals to match.

Congratulations are in order for the Toronto native, as he continues to exhibit his creative capacity and is being recognized for it.

Take a look at the visual, below.