Azealia Banks plans on taking legal action against Wendy Williams next year, after the 53-year old talk show host insisted she was a prostitute amid an episode of her daytime BET show earlier this month, Dec. 12. Williams blurted out the comment after she spoke on the feud between Banks and Remy Ma, which was fresh at the time.

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Remy exposed text messages between her and Banks where the controversial artist claimed she was seeking to get a vaginal rejuvenation procedure done, which triggered Wendy William’s suggestion of Banks being a participant in sex slavery, best known as prostitution.

“Now we understand how she gets her money,” Williams uttered. “She’s got no kids and she’s 26, with a vaginal rejuvenation? Wow. She works hard for her money.”

On Dec. 25, Banks took to Instagram and shared a meme featuring Williams that read, ““The last five years taught me when you’re an Azealia Banks stan, you can make it thru anything,” and revealed her soon to be lawsuit in the caption, “TOUGH AS STEEL… Wendy is getting sued top of 2018,” the Harlem rapper added to the now deleted Instagram post.


Apparently, Banks was heartbroken and distressed over Williams commentary. She took to Instagram the day after the live broadcast, to respond to the television veteran’s rapacious remarks.

“Wow this woman Wendy Williams called me a sex worker ….. said “I work hard for the money if I need vaginal rejuvenation”????? In what world is this okay. Wendy Williams accuses Azealia Banks of prostitution???????????????????? This is a whole new low.. I’m legitimately in tears. This hurts the type of shit that becomes acceptable to say to azealia banks is nuts”


Does Azealia Banks have a case here or is Wendy Williams just doing her job? Should Williams issue an apology to Banks to avoid this lawsuit or, is Wendy simple unbothered?