Words by Jasmine Johnson

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Rumors are circulating that Taylor Swift’s ticket sales are decreasing because she charges too much to her fans compare to her 1989 tour. The jacked up prices for presales are more expensive than the general public. One fan states and tweeted that she paid good money for 1989 tour and now she has to pay twice that to get a good seat which is absurd. With her 33 tour date, Ticketmaster has seen that it hasn’t been selling out event in the United States as it previously was with the pop singer.

The exec states it’s a major disappointment because she only sold a million copies of her debut album, Reputation, in which that is very low and also there are hundreds of tickets left in each city. Ticketmaster had a “The Verified Fan” program to prevent from ticket scalpers to buy good seats for her tour by adding a feature called “boosts,” that it’ll improve their chances of buying tickets. Looks can be deceiving because mostly her fans are irked about the jacked up prices between the presales and general public.