It’s been awhile since we heard from Waka Flocka outside of Love & Hip Hop and his wife Tammy Rivera — but he decided to take to Twitter to fill that void. On December 27th, Waka tweeted:

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We can assume Gucci Mane could be perfectly inserted into the blank being that the next day he followed up with the following tweet:

Among other inquiries, majority of the fans wanted to know if they could ever expect new music from Waka and Gucci in the near future? Check out Waka’s series of tweets below.


After reading these tweets it seems that Waka and Gucci’s issue isn’t deep rooted at all and simply a disconnect from various forms of lack of communication. After egos are eliminated, this is nothing that a sit down over a few words can’t resolve. We would love for new Waka and Gucci Mane music to be released, so hopefully this brotherhood can be rekindled soon.