Long before we had London On Da Track, or boomin’ beats from Metro, Hip Hop possessed a simpler sound. With one mic, and their mouth, coupled with a knack for rhythmic sounds: A beatboxer didn’t need lyrics to move the crowd.

Beatboxing began in 1980’s as an original element of Hip Hop. Beatboxers possess the ability to turn themselves into musical instruments. Today, one of Hip Hop’s founding elements has progressed into competitions and world championships.

The following people have mastered the Art of Beatboxing:

1.  Doug E. Fresh

His goal was to give fans the most exciting stage show they’ve ever witnessed. Another pioneering legend who raised the bar for beatboxing. He introduced showmanship. whether he was with the Get Fresh Crew, Slick Rick, or by himself, the “Original Human Beatbox” is one of the best.

2. Biz Markie

Today, you can catch Biz on episodes of Nickelodeon’s Yo Gabba Gabba, with “Biz’s Beat of the Day” segment puts a playful spin on beatboxing. As a legendary pioneer in the vocalized art form, he has provided sounds for performances, concerts clubs and other venues. Making him perfect for introducing the skill to children.

3. Rahzel

You may have seen him on tour with his former group, The Roots. However, this native New Yorker built a name for himself with his ability to rap/sing and beatbox all at once. While he isn’t the first to do so, few can package three skills into one.

4. Kenny Muhammed

The originator of the “wind technique:” the skill of audible breathing while seamlessly merging sounds. After performing alongside conductor and composer, David Eaton, he became known as the “Human Orchestra.” Breath control is key.

5. BuffyThe Human Beatbox

1/3 of The Fat Boys, Buffy was known to supply the sounds for his hefty partners to rhyme over. This pioneering beatboxer can be spotted in the Hip Hop classic movie, “Krush Groove.” Despite his death in 1995, Buffy will always be remembered for the larger than life sounds he created.

6. Nicole Paris

You may have spotted viral clips of her playfully competing against her mentor/father, Nicole may not be a pioneer of beatboxing, but she is certainly building her legend. As modern era beat boxer, she flawlessly combines vibrant and uptempo sounds with classic Hip Hop percussion sounds. Her style can’t be categorized, its like merging sounds of EDM music with Hip Hop.

7. Spencer Knight

“The Mouth Music man” from Manhattan, NY. Spencer Knight is a relative new comer, but he has also built a steady following from his viral clips. His naturally unique vocal tone breathes new life into classic sounds of beatboxing, whether he’s beatboxing along to popular songs of the day, or performing original pieces, he is one to keep an eye on.

8. Eklips

This French beatboxer is proof of beatboxing and Hip Hop’s global appeal. Captivating audiences since the 1990’s, in his most popular clip, he takes you on a Soul Train ride through the generations of Hip Hop. In a little more than four minutes you can hear Hip Hop’s progression.

9. Bellatrix

Few women can make there voice reach a base note pitch, but its easy for Bella. She began performing around England in 2004. Three years later she formed The Boxettes–an all female beatboxing group. By 2009 she was crowned the Female World Beatbox Champion, after defeating the Swiss lady beatboxer– Steff la Cheffe.

10. SkilleR

Still in his early 20’s he has already been crowned Bulgaria’s first national beatbox champion. Also performing around the world, he is currently one of the world’s fastest beatboxers.