Words by Comfort Nnana Kalu

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Last week was the week of love and our favorite celeb couple celebrated with a new chain. Cardi B and Offset are the couple in name as Cardi was seen gifting Offset an intricate new chain featuring an abandoned house and Offset’s likeness in the “bando” house. It was not confirmed how much was spent on the new piece but now there has recently been confirmation of just how much Cardi B spent on the new piece.

TMZ reported that Cardi be supposedly shelled out a whopping $250,000 for Offset’s gift. Respected jeweler, Elliot Avianne, designed the luxurious new “bando” chain and has made past pieces for Quavo with his Ratatouille and Yoda units, and Takeoff’s solar system chain. While $250,000 may seem expensive to us, it’s small change for a Grammy nominated couple like Cardi and Offset. Since the inception of their relationship, Cardi B and Offset has had to face much scrutiny as every celebrity couple faces but it seems like Cardi B and Offset are stuck like glue.


In a earlier interview with Rolling Stone, Offset described their relationship saying,

“She is real solid, came from where I came from, did what I did. She’s herself, man. I seen her develop from the trenches all the way up, and I like how she did it. I respect her grins as a woman. She came to the game with gangsta shit. I like that. I fuck with her. That’s my baby.”