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Generally, there are three different categories of R&B/pop artists. There are those who can write and produce good material but overall lack the star power as an artist. Next, there is the artist who isn’t that talented as a song creator but can sing very well. Then, there is the artist who isn’t good at either of the mentioned but has the charisma and star power to last. PartyNextDoor fits into the first category, in which his material sometimes doesn’t suit him as an artist, but it does for others. This explains why PND has found success as a songwriter (Rihanna’s “Work,” and DJ Khaled’s “Wild Thoughts/Shining.”) But a primary example of PND’s writing skills being suited for others is Rihanna’s sultry track, “Sex With Me.” The song was released in 2016 from her album, Anti and has become a fan/critic favorite for the singer. Trey Songz and Fabolous made the song more notable by supplying a remix in that same year. Interestingly enough, the song was just a bonus track on Anti. But it did manage to peak at No. 83 on the Billboard Hot 100.


PND’s reference track showcased his supreme songwriting skills lyrically, but his voice didn’t match melodically. But, PND’s lack of vocal ability to carry the track has been a blessing in disguise for his career in general, becoming one of the most in-demand songwriters in music. Perhaps, this is why Rihanna invited him to her camp to give her material for Anti. Sonically, the songs melody was perfect for Rihanna’s voice. Obviously, Rihanna’s voice isn’t the greatest either, but hers fits like a glove, cruising throughout the track in flawless fashion.

The song’s instrumental is synchronized with Rihanna’s confidence, perhaps a showcase for how an R&B slow jam should be in today’s age. The chord progression is infectious, with E Major and F sharp minor chords alternating through the track. The song’s producers, Boi-1da, Vinylz, Kuk Harrell (vocal producer) and Frank Dukes, have made their marks in pop music with hits over the years. But how this song was created musically from the chord progressions to the drum programming may be a crown jewel for all four of their catalogs.

PND’s lyrics pits Rihanna with her artist persona, as she’s come to embody a sexual image over the years.

Sex with me, so amazing
All this all hard work, no vacation
Stay up off my Instagram, pure temptation
Hit a switch on a fake ni**a, like a station

Rihanna embodies the Marilyn Monroe persona of sexy, appealing and cool more efficiently than any other female pop star of the 21st century not named Beyonce. Fittingly, PND’s lyrics for the second verse noted Monroe’s sexiness.

You know I got the sauce (sauce), you know I’m saucy
And it’s always wet, a b***h never ever had to use lip gloss on it
I’mma need you deeper than six, it’s not a coffin
We’re not making love, tryna get nasty
Wrap up your drugs, come make me happy
Sex with me is amazing, with her it’ll feel alright
The sex doesn’t get any better, make it long, let it be all night
I know, I know, I make it hard to let go
Tonight, all night, I’m Monroe
Even if I’m alone

Even if it wasn’t included in the final tracklisting, the sexiness of this track is the definition of why it’s important for artists and writers to know their strengths. Rihanna probably couldn’t have written this melody, just as PND probably couldn’t have sung the track as effortlessly as Rihanna. But together, mixed with the masterful chord progression on the production, PND and Rihanna made the magic that will stand the test of time.