After being totally bypassed by NBC last month, L.A.’s Finest has found a home right over the border at notable Canadian network Bell Media from Sony Pictures TV thanks to an LA screening, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Starring Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba, L.A.’s Finest is a female-led spin-off of the Martin Lawrence and Will Smith bejeweled classic Bad Boys (II) where Union plays Sydney “Syd” Burnett, the Special Agent sister of Lawrence’s character Marcus Burnett.

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Union will reprise her role as Syd in series and the intense SA is on a mission to deplete her previous stance and headway into becoming an LAPD detective. Alba comes into play as the new partner of Syd, Nancy McKenna, who is an operative mommy who is on a role exploring the many adventures lined up in Los Angeles. The two action women own alternative lifestyles but manage to keep the flow of their endeavors civil. Apparently, Alba’s character finds something funny style about Syd, which she possibly aims to reveal, one day.

L.A.’s Finest will entail 13 episodes and also feature the reprising role of John Salley as Fletcher, the nerdy hacker brain behind pops of the madness. The series is being executive produced by both Union and Alba alongside Jerry Bruckheimer, the franchise’s primary producer. NBC’s reason for declining the series was due to an unfit vision of the network’s grand scheme. “We did have an embarrassment of riches. And when we laid out the schedule and the calendar all season… it was a show that didn’t fit in the grand scheme of it,” said NBC Ceo Bob Greenblatt.