Bob Marley is one of the most celebrated artists in music history. He exported the vibrant sound of reggae from Jamaica to the rest of the world, and we all appreciate his contributions to the culture.

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According to Deadline, Ziggy Marley will work with Paramount Pictures to create a film which will highlight his dad’s legacy. Although cancer cut his life short at the age of 36, Bob Marley’s music still lives on, as other artists continue to sample his work. He rose to prominence as part of the Wailers band, touring with them on a global scale. Songs like “Jammin,” “One Love” and “Buffalo Soldier” proved to be infectious judging off the diverse crowds that flocked to the group’s shows.

Ziggy, who is Bob’s second eldest son, began following in his father’s footsteps early on in life. At just 10 years old, he often sat in on his dad’s recording sessions. Interestingly, he produced the video for Bob Marley & The Wailers’ “Easy Skanking in Boston ’78.”




With this in mind, Ziggy also found success as a musician. He has 15 albums to his credit and owns all rights to his music. Last year he won a Grammy for Best Reggae Album, and he also won a Daytime Emmy for his song, “I Love You Too,” which was featured in the animated children series 3rd & Bird.

Ziggy’s involvement in the upcoming film shouldn’t come as much of a surprise since he’s always maintained an active role in telling his father’s story. He served as the executive producer on past documentaries such as The Making of Legend RemixedMarley in 2012, and the 2014 Discovery Channel series Marley Africa Road Trip.

Paramount and Ziggy Marley will aim to tell the story of the iconic reggae artist from a more creative point of view to celebrate moments which might’ve been overlooked. What are some of your favorite Bob Marley memories?