After seeing some of the snap shots from last week’s G7 Summit, world leaders aren’t the only ones who have hit the end of the rope with Donald Trump. But producers couldn’t have known what to expect when Robert De Niro took the stage at last night’s 72nd Annual Tony Awards’ in New York City.

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De Niro sent producers into a bleep button frenzy while bringing the crowd their feet as he delivered an uncensored introduction for Bruce Springsteen at the Tonys.

An idea that was realized and sent them scrambling to hit the censor button on the Academy Award winning actor and icon. Raising two triumphant fists and a smug grin after dropping this scene stealing phrase, “I’m gonna say one thing: F—k Trump!” He continued, saying, “It’s no longer down with Trump, it’s F—k Trump!”


The Academy Award-winning icon’s expletive-laden utterance was the f-bomb heard around the world. And it was dropped so candidly, even Samuel L. Jackson would be proud. De Niro received a roaring standing ovation as he seemingly vocalized what other people in the room were thinking, but never had the guts or opportunity to say out loud. While NFL players like Malcolm Jenkins took the quiet approach, De Niro let it all hang out!

Fortunately, the censors bleeps weren’t international. Thanks to the Australian telecast, we could hear the Meet The Parents/Fockers star officially kick Donald Trump out of his famous “circle of trust!”

Thank God for TV down under.

Twitter was here for the actor’s comments and showed out with a hysterical amount of support for De Niro speaking his truth.

Famed Star Wars actor and The Joker voice actor Mark Hamill also got in on the fun. Making fun of ‘how to get a standing ovation at the Tony Awards.’

Here are some other equally hilarious responses to the best F-Word usage all year:

However, not everone is for De Niro’s televised tenacious tirade against the POTUS.  British television host Piers Morgan pretty much called the speach ‘treasonous.’ He quickly took to Twitter and The Daily Mail to let us all know how he feels about his friend from across the pond.