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Flatbush The Movie was shot in 2017. Currently, the movie has over 1.3 million views on YouTube. The movie is based specifically in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. During the 1990s when the crime rate was starting to subside in the city due to the intense high the crack era produced, new gangs hit the streets of New York City and made their presence felt. Their presence is still felt throughout most neighborhoods in New York and arguably none more than in Flatbush. KaySoFrosty and his partners SmokeSoFrosty and Don Dutch decided to show the impact these gangs had on the neighborhood by shooting Flatbush The Movie. KaySoFrosty kicked it with The Source to talk about how the movie came together. 
The Source: What is Flatbush The Movie about for people who haven’t seen the film? 
KaysoFrosty: Flatbush The Movie is about the beginning of New York’s gang epidemic in the early 90’s, the effects it had on the streets, breaking up of childhood friendships and bonds. Also, the movie shows how it started in the jails here in NYC by OG Mack to counter the Latin Kings who were giving the Blacks a lot of problems in the jails and spilled into the streets and spread like wildfire.
The Source: Why was the specific neighborhood of Flatbush chosen? 
KaysoFrosty: Flatbush was chosen because I always felt that Flatbush’s history was epic on its own. We have a lot of street legends here Like R.I.P Avalanche, Ace, Oklahoma, Boomer, Cali, Cheese, Black Jack, and many more that can’t be forgotten that lost there life, but the fact that it’s also the melting pot for immigrants many got deported so their stories would go up in smoke. So I decided to begin writing and gave it a story form that I think 90% could relate to if you are not from L.A and you were of age when the gangs first came to your city.
The Source: How long did it take to shoot the movie? 
KaysoFrosty: It took us about six months to film entirely.
The Source: What was the process for creating the movie?
KaysoFrosty: Most of the research was history that we lived through. I reached out to a few people like Flip from the 90’s, Crown & Temper from Flatbush and Solo from Flatbush and they helped me put the first ideas together. When I started writing the script with my two partners SmokeSoFrosty and Don Dutch they helped me create and paint these pictures in the film. They started going through their mental Rolodex texting or calling me about events and situations that happened they felt I should put in the film. Hence, this is why we chose Decepts (Decepticons) to represent the old New York it wasn’t necessarily everybody came from Decepts it was more to show the original New York crews and cliques lost their members to the gang life. As far as shooting, we did it mostly gorilla style. Where we pull up and shoot with no permit, stop traffic and people from walking through the scene and film even when we had the props. Keep in mind we are not pros. We just picked up the camera and started shooting. As for casting, it was done through the internet and word of mouth. Plenty of people wanted to participate in the project because we already had a web series on YouTube where we have a following as well.
The Source: Why was the film released on YouTube rather than platforms like iTunes, Vimeo, and other streaming services?
KaysoFrosty: To be honest, I was thinking of really putting it on platform where we may have made more money on streaming but this story although I put it together I felt its all of our story in NY one way or another so the 1st one had to be on the most available platform for all to get to see it.
The Source: Are there plans for a part two because part one seemed to end on a cliffhanger? 
KaysoFrosty: It’s in the works as we do this interview. Now we get to paint the picture with the people’s point of view and no interference from the law.
The Source: What has been the reaction so far from viewers who have seen the film? 
KaysoFrosty: Well, as we speak right now we are at approximately 1.3 million views, 9.2k likes, 1.6k dislikes and that’s in six months. I say that to say most people that I got feedback from those that didn’t like the movie was because I think they wanted me to show a different Flatbush. Possibly, a Flatbush before my era and others I felt wanted it to be more violent to show how crazy Flatbush was. Others were maybe bitter they didn’t do it first or weren’t part of putting it together.  Last but not least, some maybe thought I would mention names in the movie and they wanted the recognition, but I kept the movie neutral with names and sets. But I mostly got great feedback.
The Source: Are there plans to do movies about other neighborhoods with the same theme Flatbush The Movie is about? 
KaysoFrosty: Yes, actually I’m in talks with a few of my cast members from different neighborhoods who want to tell their story as well. So we are already in talks and doing some writing. A few of my homies came home from jail with scripts ready as well so I will be working with them. Anything to keep them from making the same mistakes at this point. We have to win is the way I see it!
The Source: Aside from Flatbush The Movie, are there any other projects you are working on? 
KaysoFrosty: At this moment we are filming FlatbushTheMovie2 we also have an ongoing web series on our 3rd season now Gods Of The City which you could find on GodzOfTheCityTv on YouTube. I also do artist interviews and we try to interview the hottest in the city hence the Godz Of The City in music. Right now we are currently in the process of launching GodzOfTheCity podcast and a series called NYDocumentaries. NYDocumentaries covers everything in NYC from the biggest drug dealers, scammers, the gangs, the violence, and police brutality. Everything if it’s a story in New York about a God in This City I want to document it.
The Source: Any last words about the movie that readers of The Source should know.
KaysoFrosty: Flatbushthemovie2 will show you better details about the environment we grew up in and we will try to bring you some great entertainment for 2018 and years to come subscribe to our channel on YouTube GodzOfTheCityTV. I want to also shout out the casts from Godz of the City and Flatbush The Movie for the support. They worked hard to put it together and without them, it wouldn’t have been possible at all. The momentum of the web series took us to different levels in the film I want to thank them. We just starting!
*Side note: Some of the actual footage of the film we deleted because we did the premiere in a theater and the NYPD came in and said it was an issue. They asked to see the movie beforehand and stated they were worried about the outcome of the movie if names were mentioned or specific situations that would have repercussions in the neighborhood and security during the night. So I went over the movie and took out anything that I felt may have them even think it’s similar to a situation, but for FlatbushThemovie2 we are only doing internet release so it will be way more detailed.