Without a doubt, New Yorkers are the toughest crowd to impress. Especially in the summertime at Dyckman Park, where crowds go to enjoy annual basketball tournaments.

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This year, Safaree was the halftime performer and although he’s a native New Yorker, the crowd wasn’t feeling his music. Performing his song “Hunnid” walking back and forth across the court, you can barely hear his voice over the boos echoing throughout the crowd. Organizers did their best to quiet the crowd but their efforts did little to nothing.

Cell phone and video cameras were rolling and suddenly the focus switched from Safaree to the crowd. Frustrated, he stopped the music and addressed the crowd directly.


“Let me tell you young n****s something, I f**k the bitches y’all n****s dream about,” he said. The crowd didn’t take to kindly to him bragging about his sex game and began to roar in outrage.

Suddenly bottles and ice cups and whatever else fans could throw began raining down on him. In an effort to prevent things from getting out of hand, his mic was turned off and security began escorting him out.

Fans continued to heckle him outside the park. One thing for sure, whether its a basketball halftime show at a city park or the grand stages of Madison Square Garden or the Barclay’s Center, when you step in front of a New York crowd you only have a short time to make an impression before the crowd lets you know how they feel. Check out some of the footage below.