A lot of information has come out since the death of XXXTentacion, most notably the arrest of the suspects in the murder. Michael Boatwright, one of the suspects and the man believed to be the shooter, is requesting for all the evidence available in the case so his attorneys can work to clear his name.

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The Blast reports Boatwright wants the documents delivered to his representatives to work on his innocence and to see if anyone provided information to authorities on him being the shooter. The report states Boatwright and associates are looking for “any and all statements, agreements, offers of discussions had with any of the State’s witnesses or a suggestion of lenience, compensation, assurance not to prosecute, assurance to proceed only on certain causes, or any other offer to benefit accruing to said individual whatsoever in exchange for their cooperation, assistance of testimony in the trial.”

The requests do not stop there but also ask for any information pertaining to surveillance of his home, conversations or phones that may have been used against him in the case. Boatwright was scooped on July 10 for the murder but has a prior arrest and he was facing a drug charge. While Boatwright is looking to prove his innocence, Broward Sherif’s Office is maintaining his stature as a suspect while looking for another gunman.