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Boots Riley, director of Sorry To Bother You, shared some bad news via Twitter on Saturday, August 4th. For movie lovers who wanted to watch the flick on their couch may not be able to. He sums up the reasoning in a tweet, stating that the movie may not travel into people’s homes internationally.

“Even though we’re outperforming a gang of other movies, distributors are claiming black movies don’t do well internationally and are treating it as such. There are films that bombed here, that they’re distributing. Let them know what’s up.”

Despite bringing in over $14 million, and it’s only their fourth weekend being in theaters, the film is doing quite well for a niche type of film. Black Panther, Hidden Figures and Moonlight have done amazing worldwide. The success of these movies gave the entertainment industry hope that all discrimination would be eliminated when it comes to Hollywood but we guess not.