Fans of the Joe Budden Podcast have long heard the crew of Joe, Rory, Mal, and Parks playfully talk about adjusting their content when they get the bag. Don’t expect the crew to sell out and change who they are, however, they have landed an exclusive partnership with Spotify.

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The show, formerly known as I’ll Name This Podcast Later, will move exclusively to the streaming service beginning on September 12 and will produce an extra podcast every week, now with drops on Wednesday and Saturday.

The Joe Budden podcast has become the most coveted weekly podcast listen in Hip-Hop and continues to rise in support among listeners due to the lively conversation from the group. The success of the product has taken the group on tour, so far hitting markets on the East and West coast.


Budden released a statement regarding his new venture with Spotfiy:

“I’d like to thank Spotify for this tremendous opportunity to take The Joe Budden Podcastand podcasting in general to heights never before seen. Our partnership is extremely humbling for me and adds yet another chapter to a career full of plot twists. This highlights a new way of thinking & a corporate “head nod” to the shift taking place before our very eyes. I’m even more thrilled to embark on this journey with some of my closest friends & ppl i love. The podcast has been a great amplifier for my voice but fast growing into a platform for more & more artists to share their own personal feelings/stories/experiences. I’m anxious to get started & optimistic about what’s to come. While companies are spending endless amounts of dollars and research to find out what consumers want, how they want it & who they want it from, we’re in an space where all you have to do is listen to the ppl. Again, thank you Spotify for listening.”

In the latest episode, the podcast crew details the road toward the deal and the growth of the podcast. Take a listen here and view the announcement below.

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