Bad news continues to follow R. Kelly. A filmmaker claims that she was assaulted at an afterparty for the singer while attempting to film a documentary on the troubled artist. The filmmaker, Lyric Cabral, was creating a documentary where the allegations of his sex cult were the subject.

Cabral was on assignment for Buzzfeed News and Field of Vision, the former of the two she provided details of her assault.

The party was in the state of Missouri after one of Kells shows at The Family Arena. Cabral stated she filed a police report after she was approached by a collective of men who were stated to be members of the singer’s and the club’s security.

“I had the camera phone in my hand above my head. All I know is I felt an arm around my neck and I was lifted up,” Cabral stated.


When she was removed from the club her phone was temporarily taken and all of the footage she recorded was deleted. Cabral stated she was one of many who had her phone out but was told one of the police officers relayed they “got a tip that you’re filming a documentary.”

The matter is now in the hands of Jerry C. Simon, East St. Louis police, who is checking on the alleged assault.

Earlier this month a warrant was issued for the manager of R. Kelly after issuing a threat and he was blasted by his brother in a response to his now infamous “I Confess” single.