You name ‘em, Beverly Hills, CA-based celebrity jeweler, Peter Marco has worked with ‘em.

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Marco’s world-class diamonds and boutique experience has been worn on household names like Shaquille O’Neal, Cardi B, Offset from the Migos, Paul Pierce, Sam Cassell and boxer, Floyd Mayweather.

Get this: he didn’t even want to be a jeweler! “I started cleaning lavatories for a very large jewelry manufacturer in New York City over the summer break,” Peter Marco told


A lawyer, doctor, and businessman, Peter Marco never planned on entering the jewelry industry. However, a gem of an opportunity put him on the path to his destiny as one of the premier jewelers in Beverly Hills and the world.

Years later, he’s an established jeweler at his legendary store on 252 N Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, CA and is supplying custom pieces to some of the biggest athletes and celebrities around.

His biggest client? Floyd Mayweather. “Floyd is an exceptionally cool guy,” says Peter Marco. Just last month, Peter Marco spent time with Mayweather at his homes in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Marco sold the boxer an incredible new collection of jewels.

What’s the champ like?

“Extremely smart and on top of his brand,” said Marco. “Unlike most people, I will respect and Honor my relationship and opportunity he has given me.”

Marco is at the top of his game himself. The celebrity jeweler and Native New Yorker, recently announced that he’ll expand his East coast presence with two billboards slated to be sprawled in NYC’s Times Square.

The billboards can be found in the city’s 42nd Street and 7th Avenue area. With all of the success coming his way these days, Peter Marco remembers his start and leans on sage advice that he got during his humble beginnings. “Honor,” he said.

“Respect for our individual successes and accomplishments. Family values and running a tight ship.”

Marco says that the biggest thing in both the retail and entertainment business is credibility and trust. Although behind the scenes for years, in 2008, he named his boutique Peter Marco, after his two sons. As his website states, his flourishing business is thanks to his years of dedication and drive, his passion and contagious energy; he is a rare gem himself.

One of the mantras that have stayed with him is simple: “99% of all the people are kind, good people and souls,” he said.

“I’ve learned my lessons with some disappointments; which I don’t let it change me, but instead I learn from it and it’s all part of growth.”

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