It is getting pretty ugly between Michael Rapaport and Barstool Sports. According to The Blast, Rap is suing the sports company, along with personalities Smitty, KFC, and the company president Dave Portnoy. Documents show that Rapaport is claiming to be owed nearly $400,000 of his $600,000 deal.

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For a little back story, Rapaport was relieved of his duties at Barstool back in February after a social media spat with a high ranking member of the company, leading to rifts with fans and more. The fall out resulted in an issue over merch being sold with Rapaport’s likeness and what he claims is a smear campaign involving attempts to embarrass him by discrediting him and stating he has herpes.

The lawsuit is for breach of contract and defamation of character but has not been received well by those at Barstool. Smitty isn’t backing down stating: “if he wants to sue me or Barstool Sports for any money whatsoever, he’s gonna have to take it from me.


Sports gigs for Michael Rapaport did not end with Bar Stool. The hilarious commentator is a big part of the Big 3 professional basketball league that wrapped up this past summer.