The five-year fight that began with ‘Pac’s mom is finally over and the Shakur estate has come out victorious.

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Back in 2013, Afeni Shakur sued Entertainment One in order to attain several of ‘Pac’s unreleased masters. It has been reported that the estate has settled the lawsuit and will gain possession of the recordings from Entertainment One, which is valued well into the six-figure range.

The first lawsuit, which was over the royalties of the slain icon’s 2007 posthumous release Beginnings: The Lost Tapes, left the Shakur estate waiting in the wings for the million dollar settlement, but the lawsuit continued in the hands of the estate’s trustees, even after Afeni passed away in 2016.


This weekend (September 29), the estate gained an astounding victory, with ‘Pac and Afeni’s work still intact.