Gucci Mane, Bruno Mars, and Kodak Black team up for new music video “Wake Up In The Sky.

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Gucci Mane has indeed been living his best life following his past trials and tribulations and his new release starring Bruno Mars and Florida rapper Kodak Black who just came home after a stint in jail is sure to become the next anthem.

In the video the three men team up resembling an iced-out Temptation-esque group but it’s Kodak Black who steals the show with his hilarious bars, dance moves and unapologetic looks.


I’m on adderall, I be smellin’ Hi-Tec when I piss/
Like it’s basketball, I drop 50-pointer on my wrist
It’s Lil Kodak, take a pic/
I came home to drop the heat
All these diamonds got me sick, I’m actin’ spoiled/
Cutlass sittin’ high, I feel like I can fly
So fresh to death it’s crazy, feel like I can die/
I done finally got my wings, they make me wanna sing

Watch the video below!