Last night was Halloween. Some may not celebrate the day, but there was certainly a celebration somewhere in Los Angeles. This is because the city has a new trio in town. Releasing their collaborative debut album, Day of The Day of The Dead on Halloween night. Furthermore, there is a vinyl edition of the 7-track album available for DJ’s and collectors.

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We spoke to Xzibit prior to the album’s release and he provided us with exclusive insight into how The Serial Killers came to be.

As L.A. natives X and B-Real became friends over many years in Hip-Hop. Surprisingly, X says he always wanted to be in a group, reminiscing on the success of B-Real and Cypress Hill. As established names in the L.A. Hip Hop scene, X says these days he is about making the music he likes.


Still, to solidify this union with an album is a true treat for fans. Especially on Halloween, the al some people may be unfamiliar with Demrick but the Spokane, Washington native made a good impression on B-Real. Therefore, he relocated to L.A. where he worked under the guidance of B.

“B real, Demrick and myself have worked on our individual careers, but when we get together to do one of these projects, it comes together seamlessly,” says Xzibit.

In addition to the rollout of The Serial Killers, Xzibit wants fans to know he and the relaunch of Open Bar Entertainment. The Serial Killers are the first release from the label’s relaunch. Following the release of the first SK album, X looks to maintain his acting skills with his show, “Breaking Ground.” Keeping the details short, he says fans should expect to see it debut this month on Open Bar. Following that release will be his new artist Benz Shelton, a product of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The Day of The Dead album is available now on all streaming platforms.

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