It goes without saying that anyone experiencing this cold front on the East Coast today — it’s 15 degrees and windy AF in New York right now! — could seriously use a warm jacket. Well, not only does Ralph Lauren have the perfect set of outwear for the occasion, but the new options are even packed with a next-level heating technology that allows the wearer to control their personal level of coziness through an app. Yeah, sign us up ASAP!

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The appropriately-titled RL Heat app is applied to the Polo 11 Jacket featured here and a less-bulky Glacier Down Jacket. The way it works is via a rechargeable Mophie battery, which is located in the jacket’s inside pocket and can provide warmth for up to three hours. RL Heat allows you to not only control the amount of heat, but will also give you weather reports for proper planning when it comes to layering up. The jackets are of course styled to perfection, with the Polo 11 taking cues from 20th century Apollo space suits (seen above) with its all-white exterior and patches. The Glacier options go for more neutral tones, arriving in navy and silver color options. If you’re trying to stay fly without freezing, this is the way to go for sure.

You’ll only have to wait a few days more for the “RL Heat” wave to arrive; the Ralph Lauren Polo 11 Jacket will drop this Thursday (January 24) as a limited edition release exclusively through the Polo App in the US and on the Ralph Lauren website in Europe and China. The Glacier Down Jacket arrives on the same day as a more general release, both in-store and online.

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