Rare Breed Ent. (RBE) rap battle league is set to build off of a very impressive year with an even stronger 2019 seemingly in the works. RBE has established itself now firmly in the top 3 big leagues along with SMACK/URLTV and KOTD in the battle rap world, through the ability to pull off great matches and events in a now competitive industry.

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For the league, the return of both Harlem legends Murda Mook and Jae Millz to the RBE stage at Club Drom last year was epic. The two of the landmark events for Hip-Hop shifted how fans viewed some of battle rap’s pioneers, and the announcements of their Pearly Gates 3 card on Saturday, February 13th in NYC has the potential to do the same.

Led by host ARP, Shotta, Lawrence and Co., RBE has relatively quickly established a strong reputation in delivering quality events and unique battles to the highest of standards.


The third incarnation of the successful Pearly Gates series, fans can look forward to another blockbuster card. With the personal grudge match of Queens legend Hollow Da Don facing off one-time close confident in infamous Brooklyn legend Math Hoffa, fans can expect a heavy-hitting encounter full of personals from two of the cultures best over the last decade with an unlimited third round sure to expose all and more.

The in-depth three round face-off hosted by Boss Chick Raine, further provided insights into just how personal this battle will be. This one promises to be one of the top battles of 2018. Math Hoffa made The Source’s listing of top battle rappers of the year. One of the more controversial rankings of our list, Math remains a problem- as recording artist and competitor.

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Not to be outdone, the return of legend Serius Jones vs. a very impressive Ill Will also makes this card attractive. Ill Will, like Math should have been ranked higher on the fan and industry surveyed list, is sure to give the vet a run for his money. Just reflect on the classic that he and a worthy opponent, Calicoe gave fans just last year on another RBE state.

Calicoe also returns. Yung Shoebox Money vs. The Vanilla Bully Bigg K is somewhat of a random match-up but presents a massive opportunity for Bigg K to rekindle some conversation about his position in battle rap. Calicoe looks to continue to build his legacy with a strong performance against Bigg K. Let’s see which “bully” emerges victorious.

Also on the card is Ooops vs. Craig Lamar. Both are returning to the RBE stage, as well as  Rosenberg Raw who will go up against Mr Mill$.

While it seems fans will have to wait for any potential Aye Verb vs. Iron Solomon and Yung Ill vs. Ill Will match-ups previously announced, the quality of the card overall will help take battle rap to the next step this year. Stay tuned to The Source for further news on RBE and all things battle rap.