Sometimes politicians make the news for all the wrong reasons. Mary Ann Lisanti of Maryland can attest to this truth.

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Maryland House Speaker Michael Busch has relieved delegate Mary Ann Lisanti (D-Har­ford) from her post after it was discovered she told one of her colleagues that she campaigned in a “n*gger district.”

Lisanti, a White Democrat, was referring to Maryland’s Prince George County. Prince George County is historically a large population of African Americans. Today, Prince George County is 65 percent Black, according to The Root. She made the comment while drinking at an Annapolis, Maryland, cigar bar.


“I’m sure everyone has used it,” said Lisanti, 51, during an interview with the Washington Post.

The Post then confronted her earlier this month and asked about her alleged use of the word. She replied, “I don’t recall that,” Lisanti said. “I don’t recall much of that evening.”

When asked whether she has ever used the slur before, she said: “I’m sure I have … I’m sure everyone has used it. I’ve used the f-word. I used the Lord’s name in vain.”

After her racist remark was discovered, she finally issued an apology to leaders of the state’s Legislative Black Caucus. She said, “I am sorry for the hurt I have caused and will do everything I can to help heal the pain and regain the trust of my colleagues and constituents.”

WBOC reports Del. Darryl Barnes, the caucus chairman, called the apology “woefully inadequate,” and urged Busch to take immediate action.

“It is clear that Delegate Lisanti is unsuited to continue in a position of leadership in the Maryland General Assembly,” Barnes said in a letter.

Not only has she lost her position as a democratic delegate of Maryland, but Speaker Busch has also removed Lisanti from her role as chair of the Unemployment Insurance



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